stop the dying

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stop the dying

Post by jayfish101 » Thu May 23, 2024 8:50 pm

Born May 21, 1957 in Eau Claire, WI.

Dan died in hospice care on May 15, 2024 at home in Sun City, AZ after battling Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) which was diagnosed in the fall of 2023.

Throughout life, Dan was all about family, serving others, working hard and doing the right thing in the world while at the same time making people laugh and feel good. He became a hotel general manager in his early 20s and was a beloved award-winning general manager who forged a career where he helped innumerable staff members enjoy fulfilling jobs and support families of their own in Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Big Spring Texas, Topeka, Great Falls, Steven’s Point, Green Bay, and Detroit Lakes. He was always working to better the experience of his guests.

After an illustrious career in the hotel industry, Dan enjoyed a career as an author, publishing The Hobo Kingdom series.

Dan is survived by his wife, Billie, his daughter Sarah (Andrew) Paulick and his grandson, Ira. Also grieving his passing are his mother, Peg, his sisters Nancy (Rodney) Hurlbut and Lori (Gary) Thomas, brother Nick (Lisa) and nieces Jessica (Aaron) Williams, Becca Vanhove and Nicole (Brandon) Griese, Alexandra (Dustin) Coyle, and Samantha Hurlbut.

The world without Dan, gone far too early, is a loss impossible to express. Apart from loved ones, Dan had two great passions. He never missed cheering on his Green Bay Packers and he never went a minute without music. Both were interwoven with his soul. If you are, in the future, being moved by a great song or watching a fabulous Packer win and think of Dan, nothing would make him happier.

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