NSCLC / Imetelstat

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NSCLC / Imetelstat

Post by Lekola_ » Thu May 23, 2024 5:59 am

BP and all. What are your thoughts on this promising preclinical study result?

“ Telomerase inhibitor imetelstat has preclinical activity across the spectrum of non-small cell lung cancer oncogenotypes in a telomere length dependent manner”


- Long-term imetelstat treatment inhibits telomerase and shortens telomeres in multiple NSCLC cell lines
- Removal of imetelstat treatment reverses telomere shortening effects
- Figure 3: Imetelstat inhibits telomerase and leads to telomere shortening while removal of imetelstat results in regrowth of telomeres.
- Long-term imetelstat treatment results in eventual senescence and reduced colony forming ability
- Figure 4: NSCLC growth and colony formation are inhibited after long-term imetelstat treatment
- Long-term imetelstat treatment of NSCLCs has a heterogeneous effect on response to standard chemotherapy and EGFR targeted therapies
- Imetelstat slows tumor growth and results in telomere shortening in vivo in a telomere length dependent manner


Would love to hear your commentary on this.

Thanks! Cheers!

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Re: NSCLC / Imetelstat

Post by biopearl123 » Thu May 23, 2024 7:31 am

Lekola, my recollection is that these studies entered the clinic in the mid 2000’s and basically were either stopped for futility or not advanced further because it took too many cell divisions to have a meaningful clinical effect. Jerry Shay is now an advisor to MAIA.

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