Institutional Ownership = 75.7%

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Hoosier Investor
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Institutional Ownership = 75.7%

Post by Hoosier Investor » Thu May 16, 2024 3:14 am

75.7% after the 5/15 filings....up 27M shares from last quarter.

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Re: Institutional Ownership = 75.7%

Post by LWS » Thu May 16, 2024 4:52 pm

As I have been cautioned several times, nothing is a sure thing until the 'fat lady sings' (in this case the FDA). All appears to be in place for the FDA to approve Geron's NDA for Imetelstat (transfusion independence, EHA paper, institutional ownership, blood cancer experts, ODAC recommendation, etc.).

What could go wrong?

From May 11
Let's get Imetelstat over the finish line.

It is now a binary decision, either the FDA approves (most likely) or the FDA denies. Denial would be a surprise considering 12 YES ODAC votes. Also, the integrity of the FDA would be questioned. The FDA (as far as I can tell) has never rejected an ODAC positive recommendation. I see no reason for the FDA to break with the past, especially since all of the blood cancer experts (that I am familiar with) support Imetelstat.

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