The Irony of Retrospect........

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The Irony of Retrospect........

Post by kmall » Fri Nov 04, 2022 1:09 pm

Recently, I recalled a poster on a forum recounting the current JNJ CEO - Joaquin Durato - and his involvement with Imetelstat during the Geron/JNJ collaboration. Back then Joaquin Durato was the Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee (2018 - 2022) and prior to, the Vice President, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals (2011 - 2018) before becoming CEO (2022).

A little research brought me back to this slide deck from JNJ featuring up and coming drugs slated for approval and those still in development with "strategic partnerships and licensing arrangements": ... 93StnDKRXr

On slide #5 is Geron and Imetelstat and on slide #24 is Imetelstat.

Now those of you here who have been paying attention, know that about a half dozen current Geron employees, including: Dr. Rizo, Anil Kapur, Dr. Ying Wan, Laurie Sherman, Libo Sun and Nishan Sengupta worked on the IMBRUVICA (ibrutinib) development team while at Janssen (JNJ), which is listed as a "Mega-Blockbuster" - $4B+ in potential annual revenue stream (slide #13).

Interestingly enough, Nishan Sengupta who is now the - Vice President-Market Access, Pricing, Evidence Strategy at Geron, was the Global/US Access Strategy Lead-IMBRUVICA, B-Cell, Rare Hem at JNJ/Janssen (2015 - 2021) during that time period.

Yesterday Anil Kapur revealed that Imetelstat is projected to be able to treat up to 3x the patient population of Reblozyl (Luspatercept). Reblozyl in turn was forecast to have a peak annual revenue stream of $2B in November 2019. (Jefferies) ... d-reblozyl

3 x $2B = $6B........

Has Imetelstat just crossed over into the potential Mega-Blockbuster column?

Perhaps Nishan Sengupta thinks so?? ........ -Kmall

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Re: The Irony of Retrospect........

Post by bucbeard » Fri Nov 04, 2022 2:20 pm

Whatever the truth behind the JnJ discontinuation, the facts and data support that they must surely still have some level of interest in Imetelstat, which is proving to be much more promising, impactful and lucrative than they originally thought back then.

The smoke from 2018 is growing in intensity....and it's getting hot in here. :oops:

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Re: The Irony of Retrospect........

Post by kmall » Sat Nov 05, 2022 12:13 pm

@bucbeard......the BIG tell in all of this since the 2018 Discontinuation with JNJ is Nishan Sengupta.

Why would a 17yr career veteran of Big Pharma with a highly regarded position at JNJ as the Global/US Access Strategy Lead-IMBRUVICA, B-Cell, Rare migrating to Geron at this point in his career?

For stock options???.........

When Mr. Sengupta was hired (August 18, 2021), GERN was sitting at $1.25....... ... fault.aspx

JNJ (Aug 20, 2021) = $179.44

Nishan Sengupta is at Geron for a VERY specific reason - speculation on my part of course.

Whether that reason was on his own accord or a directive has yet to be seen, but either way, it is EXTREMELY positive for both Geron and Imetelstat. My opinion of course. -Kmall

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Re: The Irony of Retrospect........

Post by biopearl123 » Sat Nov 19, 2022 10:33 pm

Kmall, the J and J slide you reference was “accurate as of Sept 13th,2018” emphasizing the truly last minute decision to part company with Geron.

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