What are the odds (and other stuff)

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What are the odds (and other stuff)

Post by biopearl123 » Sun May 30, 2021 9:41 pm

In all the years I have followed Geron, I have always looked for that late breaking abstract that would provide the latest important data. Over perhaps 20 years or so I have NEVER seen one. Since the L/R MDS durability data was provided only up to Feb of 2020 if memory serves, I think we are all interested in the current state of the durability data, even though not too many patients remain on drug. It is possible that an update regarding durability could be appended to the current abstract on molecular markers already accepted, but since Geron has made such a point of emphasizing durability (as in durability never achieved by any other drug and Ti's that heretofore have never been achieved and are extended in some patients), I would think that this would be the perfect opportunity for up to date data (hence the late breaker if durability data has continued beyond the standard submission date). If durability continues...well, that would get some attention. Updated data was glaringly omitted at ASH, so it's time. If we don't get an update at this point, that would be worrisome but I don't see how Geron could avoid addressing this obvious question at EHA or in their post presentation PR (that happens every year post conference). So what are the odds? I have no idea but the late breaking abstracts are released on June 1st.

Now to the other stuff. Congratulations to all who contributed to keep this board going. There was clearly passionate support to do so. Hunt and others were eloquent and convincing in their arguments, almost elegiac. Many stepped up with financial support as well to relieve Fish Jr. of this burden. I will encourage Fish Jr. to make a post to introduce the board to the new moderator he has selected. He is a well respected member with a deep interest in things Geron. For my part I am a little relieved not to feel obligated to read every paper and question every disturbance in the force on behalf of this board. It is time for others to assume this responsibility. As I become less visible, I encourage everyone to question everything and watch the competition closely. I would counsel patience but mine as you can tell is running a little short and I need to direct my attentions to other matters at this point in my life. With the sincerest best wishes to all, biopearl.

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