YMB Censorship and GERON’s ex-US partner? - Pt 1

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YMB Censorship and GERON’s ex-US partner? - Pt 1

Post by kmall » Tue May 19, 2020 1:42 am

YMB Censorship and GERON’s ex-US partner?

It has been a while since I’ve posted on Imetelchat since most discussions center on the scientific / medical side of Imetelstat – neither of which I have in depth knowledge of, so I’m a bit out of my league here. With that said I have noticed our boards moderator post some of my writings from the Yahoo Message Board (YMB) from time to time, so I feel posting here now is appropriate. Hopefully Andrew feels the same.

I “fell” into Geron and Imetelstat by chance as an investor over 6 years ago - still a youngster in the eyes of many on this board. I had lost my best friend a few years earlier from several sarcomas – two of them being blood and bone. Forgive me for not remembering which ones – it was a difficult time and I don’t recall being told; at that point it didn’t matter. Once it had gotten into the blood and bones it was a fatal disease. About three years after his passing, I had come across GERN one morning on the CNBC ticker and it had a pre-market price of about $543.00 and change……if my memory serves me correct. A jump of about $538.00 !!! Wow, what’s that about? I thought to myself before checking the dry powder in my account to see if I could potentially grab some before the market opened. I pulled the trigger on 120 shares at $5.38 and waited for the opening bell……..

My enthusiasm quickly got a reality check when it was apparent that the $500+ mistake scrolling across the screen for 15min was in fact that, a mistake. I let my $600 investment stew and didn’t think much of what happened or what this company was even about. Life got very complicated for me at that time and I didn’t take notice of my little GERN investment until December 2017. Again, business was the only thing in mind when I began to see large institutions buying Geron in massive blocks. This piqued my interest yet again and I started to research what my small investment was all about.

Imetelstat and the possibilities it could hold for patients like my friend Matt would quickly consume any spare time I had. I read as much as I could and tried learning with my limited scientific knowledge whatever was available. Sdrawkcabeman, the YMB and Imetelchat would soon be in my daily repertoire of reading and updates. Ti, MOS, Hi-E, RBC – Ti were like a foreign language. So, here was a FIC drug in P2 clinical trials under 2 indications – IMerge and IMbark - with a potential blockbuster partnership deal with J&J…….what could possibly go wrong with this investment now?.......And to boot, it could help save hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives with other indications and combos. My meager $600 quickly parlayed itself into a $40,000+ investment over the course of the next 9 months. I ended up averaging at $4.24 on the night of Sept 26th when it seemed that my business savvy and now basic scientific knowledge had intertwined to cement a solid cornerstone in my investment portfolio.

Well, we all know how that ended.

For the better part of the 9 months leading up to the J&J CD I began reading the YMB and the postings of longs and shorts alike. It was mainly for entertainment. Occasionally there were words of wisdom, but for the most part it was like reading the headlines of the tabloids at the supermarket checkout. Then things took a very nefarious turn when after the J&J meltdown several of these shorts had suggested to certain longs, who were obviously financially devastated, that they commit suicide……….What??? I couldn’t believe what I was reading. One poster in particular – a “Lloyd Braun” was just plain brutal. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get involved. I assumed the identity “Kmall” and went after these creeps as best as I could – on the attack – outing them and their words as pure garbage.

Some of you may know the rest of my history on the YMB…….as the price of Geron plummeted so did the “long” posters and at one point in December of 2018 it was like a ghost town. There were literally only a handful of us “longs” left on a daily basis. Well, slowly the company started to pick up the pieces with the hirings of Parexel, then Dr. Gutierrez and shortly followed by Dr. Rizzo and her team. What started to bother me more than the shorts was the entire J&J fiasco. This was a FIC drug that had been left for dead by a “Mega Pharma” and played to the hilt – so it seemed. Imetelstat was a drug that could actually save lives……lives like that of my friend. So, in earnest I started contacting patient support groups until it snowballed into Operation Kmall…………a worldwide virtual outreach to hundreds of support groups. Over the span of 3+ months it encompassed:
6 Continents, 106 countries, 58 languages translated, 685 emails and 133 FaceBook posts

It was something I never dreamed of doing, but once I started, I was determined to finish. And the entire time it seemed as if something was holding this company and drug back.

Almost a year after Operation Kmall ended I now find myself terminated from the YMB altogether. I wasn’t even supposed to be posting these past 6 months. I had packed up my life to set sail, but the combination of making a vessel ocean worthy and Covid lockdown I found myself tethered to the dock in Florida – again reading and posting on the YMB. About 3 weeks ago I posted an “anti” JAKafi abstract from Sweden. The bottom-line conclusion was:
"Swedish and Norwegian MF patients who discontinued ruxolitinib had dismal survival outcomes and limited subsequent treatment options, highlighting the need for improved therapies."

– here’s the link:

This triggered Kmall’s first “warning” from Yahoo.

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