Targeting imet on genetic subtypes: hope for effectiveness?

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Targeting imet on genetic subtypes: hope for effectiveness?

Post by cheng_ho » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:47 pm

Just as Gleevec got its reputation because it is only used on genetic subtypes where it has a better chance, Imetelstat might be developed into an effective therapy if susceptible subtypes are found. (Caffeine is actually VERY effective on cancers with a certain DNA-repair defect...)

Hayflick on the YHOO board brought up WIPO patent wo2020028261 (2020-02-06), which details which MF patients will benefit most from imet.

This is the kind of breakthrough that might (if the effectiveness is high enough) actually be a game-changer in getting AA in MF.

(Of course a FAR bigger breakthrough would be sequencing cancer DNA to find vulnerabilities to caffeine, Vitamin C, and other low-toxicity molecules... but the patent/FDA system prevents that from happening inside the US. No way to fund it).

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