Imet Angels - A grassroots movement

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Imet Angels - A grassroots movement

Post by Commsman » Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:51 am

I Met Angels

We sure do have a strange way to conduct medical research! Ideally, medical science should be allowed to conduct true scientific research to find the most effective medical treatments and medicines without financial interests to dictate the priorities of the research. But here’s the rub… It costs millions upon millions, even billions of dollars to conduct most meaningful medical research. So public and private businesses are left with having to invest literal mountains of money in research all too often to run into dead-ends and failed trials. Even failed trials are valuable to the advancement of medical science, but tell that to Investors who want a return on their investments! Dependent on Wallstreet for financing, medical research which SHOULD be based on pure scientific investigation ends up being subjected to the cut throat ways of Wallstreet. Sometimes it works out, but all too often good treatments are abandoned because even if the drug works, it may not be seen as profitable enough to Invest in. This is bad enough, but sometimes good drugs are bought out and buried or just killed outright because they may be a threat to existing therapies. A sad reality is that sometimes a palliative treatment that helps with managing symptoms but doesn’t actually cure the disease is actually more profitable than a cure would be. In the end, the profit motive often twists medical science into all kinds of unethical outcomes.

Since investing in Geron in March of 2018, I’ve come to learn more about blood cancers and the story of Imetelstat than I would have ever imagined. And the story isn’t pretty. In fact, it is what Wallstreet legends are made of. It has become clear to me that anonymous short attacks employing the fully understood strategy of “Short and Distort” are clearly what is happening to Geron. A small army of anonymous “Paid Bashers” infest every corner of every public message board about Geron to distort facts and spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt. A single top level director (“Dash”) takes a position at INCYTE (who stood to lose more than any other single company if JNJ had continued) merely a month or so after JNJ announces their Non-Continuation decision, Janssen employees sign up with Geron in droves stating that from their direct experience with Imetelstat they are confident in it’s ultimate success to form the “Dream Heme Team” (nod to rokky44 for coining this term), and, in the latest development, a barrage of Class-action Lawsuit announcements from 19 Separate Law Firms seem to come out of nowhere starting on Jan 23 even though no news whatsoever triggered the avalanche. It’s as if some secret signal/order was given to attack all at once. Most of these lawsuits cite only one piece of “Evidence” – an article published by STAT writer Adam Feurstein accusing Geron of “flimsy” data. This is beyond odd considering that AF has NO DEGREE or CREDENTIALS in the bio-medical field. Rather, his degree is in Political Science. Yet the veritable mountain of Scientific abstracts and papers by literally dozens if not hundreds of fully trained and accredited medical EXPERTS in the field of Hematology Oncology are simply dismissed. The strategy is clear – if you don’t have a quality case, then make up for it with a huge QUANTITY of cases with the intent to overwhelm tiny GERON’s resources.

Shorts even brazenly brag about how “shorts fight dirty”. Their playbook is well documented: see ... ort-attack

and ... t-attacks/
In fact, the same people who attack GERN today also attacked IsoRay ... -of-isoray
and Northwest Biotherapeutics ... rapeutics/
The fact that they’ve been doing EXACTly the same thing over and over for years now does give Geron longs an edge that previous short victim companies didn’t have. I’ve noticed quite a few of the longs on YMB and elsewhere are painfully aware that Geron is under siege by an unethical and illegal scheme of anonymous short hedge funds and they are sick of it. Many are calling fellow longs to unite in action to fight this battle. Some are under water on their investment and just want their money back, but many are simply outraged that a potentially valuable medicine which is showing great promise in the scientific research could possibly be wrongly kept from very sick and dying patients to feed Wallstreets insatiable greed. I see a grassroots movement developing, and I’d like to help it crystalize so that we may work together and have more effect. I propose a grassroots movement called “Imet Angels”. We can post our common goals and ideas for fighting our short attack aggressors and in numbers, we can make a difference. I want to make it very clear that I am categorically opposed to doing anything illegal or unethical in this endeavor. I would hope that Imet Angels devotes our energy to purely get the science done. I don’t have anything against Geron or the people working there, but this is for Imetelstat. If Geron benefits, that’s fine. Full disclosure I am an investor, but my true motivation here is to protect Imetelstat from being wrongly buried and delayed. If the science proves Imetelstat is useless, then so be it, but I darned sure want to let it have a true chance, and not just let it succumb to a bunch of anonymous shorts working together to kill Imetelstat for no other purpose than big profits. They can work together, and so can we.

The most important thing we can do is to get the true FACTS out there into the general public. Simply making the public aware of the attacks on GERN can actually be enough. If you think I’m just being paranoid, just read the links provided above. I’m confident the stories above will look all too familiar. Anyone who is a registered Imetelchat user can send me private messages that can’t be deleted or read by the shorts. Please feel to reach out if any of you have any ideas, questions or concerns. And of course, please post replies for public discussion as well. I have a personal experience with Myelofibrosis that I will communicate sometime in the next couple days, but let me say Myelofibrosis is just an absolutely awful horrid disease that leaves patients to slowly wither away as they suffer terrible pain and loss of all capabilities. Kmall showed us all last year what just one person can do with a computer, so imagine what dozens or even hundreds of people can do! For our first task, I think it’s important we file official complaints with the SEC. As RonB stated the other day, it would have far more effect if hundreds of people file complaints than if it just comes from a small handful of people. So I’d like to propose that anyone who would like to be an Imet Angel, please fill out an SEC complaint here:
I will fill mine out within the next week and will provide examples for people to use if you aren’t sure what to write.


PS. By the way shorties, I doubt that I would have ever become this motivated to action if you hadn’t deleted earfool’s and my own posts this weekend. I won’t be a victim, and I won’t sit back and let you trample my American Rights! Tell your bosses that all the money they spent on your posts on YMB was an absolute waste because it has galvanized and energized the longs instead of scaring us out of our investment!

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Re: Imet Angels - A grassroots movement

Post by pabloe2019 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:02 pm

What really injured investors was STATS “flimsy data “ report -- short attack-
And then Janssen pump and dump by posting all sorts of bullish market revenue probabilities for mds and MF with Imet then saying sorry we will discontinue as we have other priorities
not saying the drug was bad just other priorities

What’s is curious is that
Then their head of new drug discovery goes to work for Incy the company that had the most to lose if the continuation of imet with Janssen and Geron continued
And the people working on IMET at Janssen now are working at Geron … so what does this tell you ?


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Re: Imet Angels - A grassroots movement

Post by Zhears » Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:16 am

"And the people working on IMET at Janssen now are working at Geron … so what does this tell you ?"

Just to play devils advocate. It could mean that JNJ where going to lay them all off as there project had been discontinued and due to all the law suits they had no other projects to move them to and therefore would get fired.

I really hope we get something, even a crumb, of positive news in the next 3 months. Something to get us out of the $1 doldrums.

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Re: Imet Angels - A grassroots movement

Post by cheng_ho » Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:15 pm

Shears is obviously right... Rizo had already left for CELG, she knew that the imetelstat project was going to be dropped.

Might as well ask why the guy that GERN hired from ATNM came... they're just refugees.

Notice that JNJ kept Gryzanov... he's still valuable.

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Re: Imet Angels - A grassroots movement

Post by biopearl123 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 6:37 pm

But Geron kept Sergei's patents.

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