Imetelstat May Become a Blockbuster Drug by Being 2nd?!?

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Imetelstat May Become a Blockbuster Drug by Being 2nd?!?

Post by Commsman » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:02 pm

Imetelstat May Become a Blockbuster Drug by Being 2nd?!?

Abraham Lincoln became one of the most remembered and celebrated Presidents of the United States of America by being 2nd! Strange but true. You see, when Abraham Lincoln went to Chicago in May of 1860 for the Republican National Convention, he knew he did not have enough support to win the Presidential Nomination of the Republican party outright so his strategy was thus: approach the supporters of each of his rivals praising any virtues of his rival and only asked to be their 2nd choice if their preferred candidate did not have enough support to win the nomination. A majority of votes for one candidate was needed to secure the nomination which was 233. The 4 main candidates were Seward (the favorite but considered too liberal to actually win the Presidency if nominated), Chase, Bates, and Lincoln. After much debate, the tally at the end of the first ballot was Seward 173 ½, Lincoln 102, Chase 49, and Bates with 48. No candidate won the nomination outright in the first vote. After more debate, an amazing thing happened. As Lincoln hoped, in the 2nd Ballot droves of Bates and Chase supporters (seeing the writing on the wall that their 1st choice had no chance) switched to support Lincoln. In addition, many of Seward’s votes also switched to support Lincoln, giving him a majority and securing the Republican Party nomination for Abraham Lincoln. I don’t have to tell you that Abraham Lincoln went on to become the first Republican President of the United States of America. What some of you may not know, is that wise Old Abe appointed every single one of his former rivals, Seward, Chase and Bates to his cabinet forming his famous “Team of Rivals”.

This is all well and good, but what does this have to do with Imetelstat? I believe that Imetelstat will become the 2nd approved front-line drug therapy for Myelofibrosis. Ironically, I believe that Imetelstat will be most effective when it is administered 2nd after Jakafi therapy in a sequential combination treatment. I also think that chances are extremely good that Imetelstat will be found to have profound affect in many blood cancers by being administered 2nd behind other front-line drugs for other blood cancers. 1st, a disruptive agent is used to bring the cancer to it’s knees, then like a wrestling tag team, Imetelstat will enter the ring to finish off the cancer. Ironically, this would ensure the future of Jakafi. By using Jakafi for a short period in the beginning of treatment, the risks of Jakafi causing other cancers would be abated. Just as Old Abe appointed all his rivals to his cabinet, Imetelstat will collect it's own "Team of Rivals" by using this sequential combination technique with all of it's "rival" drugs in front-line therapies. Is there science behind my claim? See: ... chresult=1

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Re: Imetelstat May Become a Blockbuster Drug by Being 2nd?!?

Post by rccola335 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:59 pm

if Imbark is approved, it is because they believe it is disease modifying - that would make it front line

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