Avalanch of Classaction Lawsuits

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Avalanch of Classaction Lawsuits

Post by Commsman » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:35 am

Avalanche of Class-action Lawsuits Opened Against Geron.

Last Thursday’s class action lawsuit avalanche is obviously a coordinated attack on Geron designed by the short cabal to rattle investor faith in the company, and to force the company to waste time, energy, and resources on legal battles instead of on the science. It is a predictable, time worn maneuver straight from the shorts’ playbook. See:

https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/1144 ... ort-attack

The bad news is, this usually works. However, there are several silver linings. The first is that this is pretty much their last play to crash Geron. There isn’t much more they can do after this. They’ve maintained an army of paid bashers on the message boards to foster fear, panic and bad information, they’ve shorted the stock trying to force massive dilution, and they’ve used friendly press to try and malign Geron. This law suit attack is meant to be the death blow, and if it doesn’t work, it may just boomerang on them. Adam Feurstein calls Geron a top “Cult Stock.” I’d like to think there are many investors who see the value of Imetelstat, and why it’s important to people worldwide to advance our cancer fighting armamentarium. It could be that many people are so horrified that a sick and perverse short cabal could actually be trying to stifle a truly high potential experimental cancer drug just for the simple motivation of money that they are willing to put some money on the line to support this important cancer research. This same play book has been used over and over enough that it is no longer a surprise. That gives a potential advantage to the longs. It just doesn’t cause panic the way it used to, evidenced by the rather tame drop in share price over the past week. In fact, this 9 cent drop since the Jan 23 close at $1.40 would’ve been pretty much anticipated as just a normal trading week as it has been trading in this price range channel for some time now. A number of things can happen that would completely deflate the lawsuit attack: 1) The lawsuits could be dismissed and not even heard by the courts – a real possibility considering how obviously this is a coordinated attack among numerous law firms who already have a reputation for this specific short crashing activity 2) Imetelstat could get Advanced Approval from the FDA with a directive for a “Confirmatory Phase 4 Trial” in Myelofibrosis. 3) The SEC could finally close in on the short hedgie cabal and intervene 4) Imetelstat could get approval from the EMA 5) Imetelstat could get approval in Japan 6) the shorts could grow a conscience and back off. OK, the last one is kind of a joke but it serves a point. Every reader of this statement whether long or short would probably agree nearly 100% that the LEAST likely possibility I’ve put forth is that the short players trying to kill Geron might “grow a conscience”. That means that the other possibilities I’ve raised could actually have a chance, and I assert that they have a good chance. In addition, there is the possibility that some other unforeseen possibility exists that could also tip the scales. A Whistleblower? An astute mainstream media investigation? A grassroots campaign from Investors themselves? I wonder how these class action lawsuit sign-ups are going? I’m not signing up. Scarlett told us several times EXACTly what his plans were if JNJ didn’t continue, and made it very plain that this was a possibility. One thing is for sure, signing up for any of these class -action suits will never get your money back. Only an eventual success of Imetelstat approval will get longs’ money back. Even if Geron were forced to pay out all it’s cash to investors tomorrow, you’d only get a fraction of what the shares are worth right now after the lawyers took their fees. Besides, that would be highly unethical to suddenly end the clinical trials overnight like that considering the success that we’re seeing. In the IMERGE study, there are approximately 11 people who have been transfusion Independent for over 24 weeks and most of those have been transfusion independent for more than a year! Several have been TI for more than 2 years and are still adding to that timeline! Remember, these were very sick and highly transfusion dependent patients who would have never become transfusion independent by chance! The fact that Imetelstat was granted fast-track status by the FDA specifically for MF due to results of the IMbark Trial proves the claims of the lawsuits are false just like that. The bottom line is that these nuisance lawsuits which claim to be om behalf of Geron investors who lost money are actually designed to rip those same investors off of any money they may still have in Geron. Nothing more, nothing less. If they don’t succeed in finally driving investors away and killing Geron, It just may BOOMERANG on their cause.

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Re: Avalanch of Classaction Lawsuits

Post by cheng_ho » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:38 pm

Scarlett has settled past lawsuits without a fight. That's what attracts the lawyers... the last suit extracted more than $6 million, and all the firm had to do was file it.

There is no Giant Short Conspiracy That Only Posts On YHOO Message Boards... no one has to pay lawyers or sharks to attack easy prey.

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