A salute to Kmall

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A salute to Kmall

Post by biopearl123 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:10 pm

Kmall, well you have made a virtual trip around the world to our benefit and to the benefit of patients who may benefit from all of your efforts. Now on to the real world (I don't know if you realize that you are making a metaphorical evolution to RWD!). I salute your efforts to bring the Imetelstat message to many patients in many countries. I speak to you as a former owner of a Pacific Seacraft 34' (Crealock design) that I had in a former life. I wish you peace and calm seas, a fresh breeze and good fellowship. Please check in from time to time. Best wishes to you, your wife and your family. Have a safe and fulfilling journey. bp

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Re: A salute to Kmall

Post by kmall » Sat Sep 28, 2019 11:34 pm

Thanks Andrew-bp for the well wishes and most of all the amazing forum you host. My wife was the main catalyst behind our move to make a journey of a lifetime. We have a small 22' Tanzer day sailer which we are donating to a Veterans group who take out Vets with disabilities and PTSD and teach them to sail and the benefits, responsibilities, tranquilities and lessons which go along with being a sailor. We could think of no better home for our loved little cruiser. The past few years we have searched for an upgrade that would take us worldwide. We found a 40' Lagoon Catamaran owners version which checked all of the boxes for us. They are not easy boats to find in good condition and unchartered, so when they come up you have to act fast. Baby steps will be taken down in the Carribean this winter until we are able to confidently embark on full ocean crossings. I will be in touch when I can and will proudly spread the word of this amazing drug whenever possible. Thanks again for all that you do here for us "lay people" when it comes to the science angle. I always look forward to your input all things Imetelstat. Kmall

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