A few thoughts

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A few thoughts

Post by biopearl123 » Thu May 21, 2020 3:12 am

First off Kmall, great posts, thank you. You hit it out of the park. And to rocky and cathy, thank you for your kind words posted elsewhere. I invite you to post here but in truth this board has been paralyzed by now over 20,000 bogus requests to register. They come from strange domains like .xyz or have clearly generated robotic user names so I can't tell who is legit or not. Someone clearly does not want positive discussions registered here. So I apologize to those who might wish to register and post. I had always hoped for a vibrant board with lots of ideas and discussion and for the current posters I thank you in the spirit of Fish for helping to achieve that. Enough of that. So kmall, what I see now is very much in keeping with your observations. I admit to lacking financial acumen like the business types who post here. I can only comment on the quality and content of the abstracts as I see them. So here goes. EHA is one of two premier heme/onc meetings each year, the other being ASH. ASCO leans more toward solid tumors but also has presentations in heme onc like MM. A few things: 1. New molecular entities with proven activity in hard to treat diseases are hard to come by. 2. The telomere has profound importance in cell biology. 3.Actual regression of bone marrow fibrosis in diseases like MF are rare. 4. With the realm of myeloproliferative diseases there are lots of related areas each with therapies directed towards them such as CML, MF, Mod/High risk MDS, low to mod risk MDS, PV, ET etc. you can see how the abstracts are classified by looking at the EHA site. Many categories. For clinical MDS I think there are eight or ten that were accepted for oral presentation. 220 oral presentations in all but these encompass many of the other categories. For now the ones that cover low/medium risk MDS are relevant. Of the 10 or so oral presentation for clinical MDS, 2 relate to MDS and represent PIII advanced clinical studies, i.e PII/III or Plll. Read these. One of the two relates to Imetelstat. None relate to Luspatercept. I think this helps us understand that Geron has found its niche and its a large one. Look also at MF an very difficult to treat disease. I have not found evidence of improvement in OS except in bone marrow transplantation. Look at TN, a terrible disease and clear cut improvements in survival. Dr. S will elucidate this for us after the EHA meetings with another KOL conference.

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Re: A few thoughts

Post by Ryan » Thu May 21, 2020 3:22 am

Agreed on essentially all points.

As the song goes, Dr. Scarlett and team has “given us something to talk about”.

My wild guess is the European partner for Imetelstat will be announced shortly before the conference.

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Re: A few thoughts

Post by kmall » Thu May 21, 2020 8:24 am

Great observations on the meetings and abstracts Andrew. As always a lot to digest. The TN patients that you, Ryan and Martin discussed a few weeks back became a real eye opener for me. If I'm not mistaken, approx 25% of the P2 patients fell under this category......I never realized how substantial of a percentage that was and how much more signifigance it implies towards the efficiency of Imet. Could be a real game changer in the views of any approval panels? Having contributors with a firmer grasp on the details within the data has been enlightening. Thank you!

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Re: A few thoughts

Post by muskateer » Thu May 21, 2020 9:49 pm

Thank You.

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