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Parsing Scarlett yet again

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:39 pm
by biopearl123
Fellow board members (for those who are left), it is very trying time not just for investors but most importantly patients and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all and I wish those who are ill a speedy recovery and send condolences for those who have died. Even Scarlett addressed the virus in his last call as it relates to Geron. I think we can assume some portion of drug supply or manufacturing has a tie to Asia.(that's a guess on my part). Whether this has been addressed with redundant supply venues we probably will never know. He downplayed enrollment but really its is hard to envision Italy, South Korea or Israel which are essentially locked down as being places that are currently actively enrolling patients. In this Scarlett shares a la de da with our illustrious understater-in-chief. He obviously relies on the disclaimers. What is clear is that they are spending huge amounts of money, 75 million this year and that without a partner or capital raise we will not complete PIII MDS. To off set this he dangles probable AA/PIV for MF and the unknown of a partner. No doubt the FDA guided Geron to get more RWD beyond Moffit so the late addition of new study sites at Lake Success and Bergamo Italy well after enrollment was completed suggests that data from these three RWD bases will be used to make the case for approval in R/R to the FDA. He was optimistic that this data would support the MOS suggested in the Moffit study. We will probably know at EHA. Also the durability of TI in MDS part I will likely be presented then too. So these bits of information will have to be used to convince the FDA to grant provisional approval or find a partner, otherwise as my beloved Grandfather used to say: "No money? No money." Best Regards to all, stay healthy, stay optimistic (good for your immune system).