Update from Irish

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Update from Irish

Post by irishtrader52 » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:59 am

hello everyone - I apologize for not posting more. I have been extra busy at work. As some of you know, in April
2016, our imetelstat journey will reach the 3-year milestone. We never imagined such a great outcome and now MF is a relatively minor aspect of our lives - except for those expensive, cold 3-week vacations John takes to Mayo. He could fly to the Carribean much less expensively.

We should not complain, of course, given the life-saving miracle we were fortunate enough to find. It is very likely that if John had not responded to imetelstat so well, he would not be alive. His outside prognosis was 3 years at start of trial - and that was optimistic. He was also entering the really debilitating part of his disease. Now he lives a normal life.

As imetelstat inches it's way closer to approval that I have no reason not to expect, I will try to post once a week at least as well as respond to some of the current topics I find interesting. There are quite a few I have been reading. Plus I want to ask the smart scientists on this board about some studies I have been reading or reread - like the 2014 pancreatic study that seemed to find telomerase effects length of telomere as mechanism of action especially in cancers like MF with short telomeres.

As for conference today, I think there will be an update that will move us forward. I think today Geron is the turtle that wins the race - slow and steady. I think it could have been a rabbit but in the long run the slow steady approach will be more durable. Like the drug itself - that ARM B was amazing in it's fast response but that nice and slow and steady drip just might be best.

Thanks fisher for getting this very professional site up and running and thanks to all the great posters who migrated here. I will be back again soon. Good luck longs!!! Shamrocks to all!

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Re: Update from Irish

Post by Fishermangents » Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:27 pm

Hi Irish, thanks for sharing this with us. We will read your weekly 'progress' reports with great interest. Just let me know if there are any relevant articles out there which are missing from the imetelstat.info website. I will make sure it will be added. I am happy imetelstat gave back John's live!

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Re: Update from Irish

Post by phil » Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:01 pm

Thanks for the update Irish. I am very to happy hear how well John is doing after going back on imet. Often when a drug is tried a second time it doesn't work so well, so it is VERY pleasing to hear that John has again responded so incredibly well. I was curious if you or the doctors have any ideas or thoughts as to why John responds better then some others. It seems 10% get CR and 10% get PR, 15-20% get a strong Clinical Improvement and another 15-20% get some CI and 20-25% limited to a negligible response. Has anyone come up with a guess as to why?
Thanks in advance,

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