IMETELSTAT - Stars in alignment and gratitude for this forum

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IMETELSTAT - Stars in alignment and gratitude for this forum

Post by kmall » Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:01 pm

This was posted earlier today on the Yahoo board - many thanks to all of you here for your support and help - especially Chairman of the Imetelchat board - Andrew-bp

Greetings fellow longs. What a year it has been. Congratulations to all of you who have held tight and been able to add to your position through these turbulent times with regards to the SP. As we all know powers larger than any of us here have supressed this six ways to Sunday. Fortunately for us we have Team Scarlett in place and are poised for greatness. The stars are finally starting to line up on this one -

1. 100% global rights and independence
2. Key drug developers in place having migrated from Janssen with Dr. Rizo at the helm
3. Q1 2020 meeting with the FDA on track
4. ASH 2018 and EHA 2019 data stronger than expected
5. We have a First In Class drug on the cusp of approval with all competition failing to meet the more stringent requiements placed on Imetelstat
6. Global focus in place with a new outpost in NJ and Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs – Sharon McBain leading direction. Her resume and experience with JNJ speaks for itslef

As Martin says - THESE are exciting times !!! For both patients and investors. It has been a pleasure and an honor to have been part of this board during what were some very dark days. Having held fast in the face of adversity and perverse activity, I for one feel a sense of pride and accomplishment to support something which WILL change countless lives and give hope to many who have run out of options.

Lately I have been absent from this board that I love being a part of. I am in the midst of fullfilling a lifelong dream of traveling the world by sail with my beloed wife. We are leaving the rat race of NYC behind - although I will occasionally fly back for certain production jobs - and have decided to spend the next 20 years or so living a dream that many can only hope for. I am truly blessed. To make this dream a reality we have and are selling off many possesions accumulated over a lifetime. Our stock portfolio was no exception. To do what we wanted to do comfortably we sold off a large portion of our holdings several months ago. A small few we held onto fully knowing that they will provide us a large financial gain in the future. Number one on that short list is GERN. Like AMZN, which I purchased at an average of less than $300/sh - my little GERN will provide me financial independence for years to come. I will be adding to my position a little more before I embark in November.

To all of my fellow longs here it has been one heck of a ride. I wish you all the best and hope that you all seek the happiness you deserve. I wish I could name each one of you, but they only allow so many characters per post. I would like to give a major thanks to Andrew-bp over at Imetelchat for giving us a forum to post on when the censors who dictate this board try to stiffle us. His wisdom and ability to break down complex information to many of us who get "lost" in the science is GREATLY appreciated and invaluable. Hang tough fellow longs and best of luck to all of you that will help propel this much needed drug to those less fortunate than ourselves. Kmall

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