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A comment on a recent job posting

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:25 pm
by biopearl123
From Geron's "career opportunities" posting: "The Clinical Project Manager (CPM) will manage one or more allocated Phase I through IV Clinical Trials that may be local, regional or global in scope. The CPM will be 100% accountable for the success of their projects."

AFAIK, there is no P I and no P IV in the public domain as yet but Geron seems to be telegraphing that they anticipate such. Its not a hard reach to see a PI combo in AML (long anticipated...the promise as yet unkept) or as others have speculated MM (see previous study from Matsui at Hopkins which demonstrated a reduction in CSC in MM with no apparent follow up studies, a mystery to many), and a P IV which is an easy speculation that Geron anticipates will be required as part of the MF approval process. This job opportunity is still posted on Geron's home page. bp