Salute to the Janssen Ladies of Geron! by Commsman

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Salute to the Janssen Ladies of Geron! by Commsman

Post by Commsman » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:01 am

Greetings Imetelchat Community,

Here is a post of mine that was deleted from the Yahoo Message Board, but I polished it a little and cleaned up a couple parts to ensure compliance with the forum rules. Always take advantage of a 2nd chance! I hope it’s ok for me to share these thoughts and observations here. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to voice respect, admiration, veneration, and gratitude to the Janssen Ladies of Geron.

Salute to the Janssen Ladies of Geron! : - D
Here are the Janssen ladies that have walked away from JNJ/Janssen and joined Geron for the sole purpose of developing Imetelstat:

Chief Medical Officer – Aleksandra Rizo, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.
“Aleksandra Rizo, M.D., Ph.D., former clinical lead for the imetelstat program at Janssen, joins Geron as Chief Medical Officer.” As of the last conference call of March 7, 2019, Dr Rizo was busy “recruiting” and working on the IND. “Dr. Rizo has more than 10 years of experience in hematology-oncology clinical development, leading teams through the entire drug development process from Phase 1 through Phase 3 clinical trials and regulatory submissions. Most recently, she was Executive Director, Strategy and Clinical Lead at Celgene Corporation, working across the myeloid portfolio. Prior to that, Dr. Rizo was a Senior Director, Compound Development Team Leader at Janssen Research and Development, LLC (Janssen) for all Phase 1 myeloid assets, and Global Clinical Leader for all late-stage myeloid assets, including imetelstat from 2014-2018.”
- Geron Press Release

“Vice President, Clinical Development – Faye Feller, M.D.
Prior to Geron, Faye Feller, M.D., was Senior Director, Clinical Leader on the myeloid program at Janssen Research and Development, LLC (Janssen). Prior to that role, Dr. Feller was a physician for multiple clinical trials of late-stage development assets at Janssen, including the IMbark Phase 2 clinical trial of imetelstat, and was responsible for protocol writing, regulatory interactions, medical monitoring, study results interpretation and preparation of abstracts and final study reports.” - Geron Press Release

“Vice President, Clinical Science and Operations – Laurie Sherman
Laurie Sherman has more than 20 years of experience in oncology drug development. Prior to joining Geron, Ms. Sherman was Senior Director, Compound Development Team Leader for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) assets at Janssen(…..). Preceding that role, Ms. Sherman held several senior positions in the late-stage team at Janssen, including Senior Director, Myeloid Portfolio Clinical Scientist Leader, where she led development strategy and overall clinical execution of myeloid clinical trials, including the imetelstat clinical trials, IMerge and IMbark.” – Geron Press Release

Plus 2 more unnamed “clinical development professionals with prior experience with imetelstat have also joined the development organization.” Probably former Janssen employees, but definitely people who have worked with Imetelstat!

Altogether 5 incredibly high quality hirings of people leaving Janssen to join the Geron 2.0 Imetelstat Launch Team! Maybe one alone was crazy, deluded, misinformed, or otherwise possibly making the biggest mistakes of their lives, but 5 individual people with superior insider knowledge of this drug? Imetelstat is the real deal, and it’s only a matter of time before Wall Street knows it! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that GERN is waaaaaaayy UNDERVALUED at $1.87! (closing PPS 4-24-19).

The point is to give a big salute to the Janssen Ladies of Geron who will be leading the charge! I have always felt that the good people at Janssen like the clinical workers, doctors, and people who understood what the patients are going through, were always 100% in support of Imetelstat and were nearly as outraged by JNJ’s dis-continuation as all long investors. They are professionals, so they couldn’t voice their opinions publicly, but the numerous high level employees departing from Janssen for Geron and other companies, I think, speaks VOLUMES. These ladies are some of the very BEST of the BEST, and I am fully confident they all signed on with Geron for one purpose…. To successfully bring Imetelstat through FDA and EMA approval.

It’s also worth pointing out special that (Triple) Dr. Rizo, M.D., PhD., PhD. left CELGENE where she was “Executive Director, Strategy and Clinical Lead “working across the Myeloid portfolio””. That means she had access to ALL INSIDER information on LUSPATERCEPT! Now she’s leading a dream team which I like to call the

Imetelstat Launch Team 2.0!


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