OPERATION Kmall - Global Update Pt. II - #1 of 2

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OPERATION Kmall - Global Update Pt. II - #1 of 2

Post by kmall » Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:59 pm

イースター、おめでとう Imetelchat ボード !!......Happy Easter Imetelchat Board!! (in Japanese)

This holiday weekend seemed apropos for an update on Operation Kmall. It was a mere 207 days ago that we were left for dead after what looked to be a guaranteed partnership with one of the world’s largest Pharma’s. Since then our Dr. Scarlett has done a TREMENDOUS job in handling what would have been a death sentence for most in his shoes. Not only did he have the forethought for such circumstances by raising capital several months earlier, but he has stepped up to the plate in ways that I for one could have never imagined. Along with the additions of Dr. Rizo and Dr. Gutierrez who will lead in the development of Imetelstat through P3 to commercialization, he has just announced 3 new hires this past week – two of whom like Dr. Rizo have previously worked on the Imetelstat program at Janssen. He has also restructured the company’s BOD to achieve his goal of 100% ownership through full commercialization. In a sense we have “RISEN” from the dead and have been given a second chance at life. I couldn’t think of a better time to keep you all updated on my grassroots campaign of informing patients, caregivers and medical practitioners of Imetelstat and ASH 2018 data.

It may even be more appropriate that I find myself now in Japan, planning the next leg of my Asian odyssey. I decided to name my campaign “Operation Kmall” since I liken what Geron has endured to a full-fledged war. This war is one of good vs. evil. Longs vs. Shorts. It was here almost 74 years ago that The United States had to take drastic action and do the unthinkable to fellow humans. It was a last-ditch effort to bring to an end a war that would have dragged out for many more years while costing an untold number of American lives. We sit here on the cusp of the turning of a battle of immense proportions as well. One that has an enemy ruthlessly positioned to suppress us with every fiber of their being. But they don’t fight us with bullets and bombs….they use finances to keep our market cap down. I have to laugh when I hear the argument that the “short position” aimed at this company doesn’t affect its success; “that the clinical trials and management do.” That is correct in a sense. Of course, Imetelstat has to work as well as be efficient in comparison to other drugs available, however, without a strong market cap we can not secure funding without dilution. The short position here is trying to snuff us out. Market cap for a company like Geron is EVERYTHING!! Every penny we gain makes us stronger and able to start new trials while targeting them at other diseases. The “short position” here clearly knows this and has its ghouls doing their bidding every way possible. Most of you know that I sit in the trenches just about everyday on the YMB trying to fight them off; for months now….. since shortly after the CD bomb dropped. Well now it’s time for Operation Kmall to drop a couple of bombs of his own; a new age version of “Fat Man and Little Boy!!”

Before releasing the details of an extra side campaign – a subsidiary of “Operation Kmall” if you will I would like to keep you all up to date on our current campaign. When first making my “Announcement” here on March 21, even I was a little concerned about being able to achieve what I had planned. I had this vision of doing a global campaign several months earlier and was somewhat skeptical that it would be a possibility. Now that I am well into this journey, that I would estimate being roughly halfway complete, I am beyond satisfied with how it has progressed. Again, I will save the bulk of details and future plans of “Operation Kmall” for another time. For now, let’s see where we’ve been and breakdown some of the statistics:

42 countries contacted so far. They include:

1. UK 22. Slovenia
2. France 23. Czech Republic
3. Germany 24. Macedonia
4. Italy 25. Kosovo
5. Spain 26. Croatia
6. Iceland 27. Lithuania
7. Ireland 28. Estonia
8. Scotland 29. Poland
9. Norway 30. Slovakia
10. Sweden 31. Turkey
11. Finland 32. South Africa
12. Denmark 33. Morocco
13. The Netherlands 34. Egypt
14. Belgium 35. Jordan
15. Switzerland 36. Israel
16. Portugal 37. Saudi Arabia
17. Austria 38. The United Arab Emirates
18. Greece 39. Qatar
19. Armenia 40. Russia
20. Bulgaria 41. Korea
21. Hungry 42. Japan

Here’s our statistical breakdown:

1. 42 - countries – and counting 7. 7 – Hospitals contacted
2. 30 - languages translated 8. 7 – Internal Website messages
3. 144 – Emails 9. 2 – University Doctors contacted
4. 30 – FaceBook postings 10. 3 – Govt’s contacted – UAE, Qatar, Russia
5. 2 – Closed FaceBook groups joined 11. 1 – Blog created
6. 7 – Patient Board postings 12. 3 – Patient Boards awaiting “admission”

As you can see, I’ve been rather busy since launching “Operation Kmall” on April 3, 2019 at 8:08pm EST – on the shores of Ireland. Since then we have progressed Eastward in a march across the globe. When I first set out on this mission I had about 20 or so “contacts” across the world encompassing website addresses and emails. Since enacting this latest campaign, I have come across dozens of more. Just 2 days ago I found another treasure trove of Global contacts in places I could have never imagined. Some as far off as Madagascar and Cambodia. For now, some of these may have to be put on the back burner as I feel it necessary to concentrate my efforts more surgically. That’s not to say these smaller “off the path” markets will not be informed. Quite the contrary. Every patient, organization and opportunity to inform and possibly help even the most remote and destitute of those in need are just as, if not more important than the larger more “well off” patients and markets. If you could ever call having cancer “well off?” But for now, P3 enrollment is what this current mission is about. I will at times traverse backwards if necessary if I come across a contact in a country I may have missed along the way that could have a shot at a patient signing up for P3. Case in point, two days ago when I found this latest grouping of info, I jumped back to Greece from Japan to send out a message. Whether or not it helps is another story. Hopefully it gets to who needs to see it and they can pass along the information to proper authorities.

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