Time to grade last years question responses

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Time to grade last years question responses

Post by biopearl123 » Mon Apr 17, 2023 10:28 pm

These are the questions we submitted for consideration at the shareholders meeting 2022 Grades are submitted retrograde based on this years progress:

Well, It’s that time of year again (again and again), Imetelchat board members should be thinking of questions you wish to have the Geron board address. I will say in the past this one window into the Great Wall of Geron has been opened with what I have felt have been reasonable and honest efforts by management to address shareholder questions (but not necessarily “concerns” so much as we have all been “concerned” for decades now and the stock of course it at historic lows and dilution numbers. On the other hand we are approaching hard PIII data in several months and the yearned for inflection point may finally be upon us. To date, here are the questions I have come up with, please add to or modify.

1. To your knowledge are there any other agents in the clinic that specifically and selectively inhibit the malignant clone or malignant stem cell? Grade A+ Geron has said no other agent in the clinic or in development does this

2. Once the PIII data is available for the MDS study, will control patients be allowed to cross over to treatment if the data supports a clinical benefit? As an extension, in the interim between TLR and anticipated approval, will the drug be (finally) available on a compassionate basis or will the time to approval (presumably the FDA will grant an accelerated path) be short enough to that this will not be necessary. Grade undetermined, I don’t remember a specific statement in this regard but I can’t imagine that with PIII data available Geron has not allowed placebo patients to get drug. Perhaps they can comment this year.

3. Can you please address the status of the QT sub study and discuss the expansion to other variants of MDS?Grade undetermined, no information but if there were a QT issue a warning would have been issued

4. Do you anticipate that CAR-t or some variant thereof will eventually present a competitive therapy to Imetelstat? Grade undetermined but it has been implied that CAR-t may not be suitable for MF/MDS. A definitive statement would help.

5. Given the likelihood of the development of clonal drift and the inevitable “selection” of resistant clones, what strategies might be utilized in treatment programs in the future should aspect of disease evolution occur? Grade undetermined. Combination therapies being studied

6. Given that some of Dr. Lane’s and Rusbolt’s mice may have been cured of disease and that Dr. Mascarenhas has hinted at a potential drug induced cure at some future time, it this a reasonable future hope for some patients or given what we know about the pathophysiology of the disease is it an impossibility. Grade F no answer. Partial credit to Dr. M for considering this possibility.

7. If an oral version of Imetelstat or other telomerase inhibitor is successfully developed, do you think treatment of solid tumors might be revisited such that we would see broader use of this agent? Grade F, not answered but focus understandably on liquid tumors.

8. In older studies of gliomas in children, intracranial bleeding clearly limited the use of Imetelstat. Do you see any future strategies that might overcome some of the adverse affects seen in older studies? Grade F

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