Asked but not all answered

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Asked but not all answered

Post by biopearl123 » Mon Apr 17, 2023 10:12 pm

This is from a Jan 2022 post:

Within a year we will have definitive answers regarding the MDS study to the following questions (among others):

8 wk TI—the primary end point, asked and answered. This will include data from part I of the MDS study which we already know as well as part II.

24 wk TI—asked and answered

Evaluations of CR, PR, HI, PFS, OS and disease modification. Asked and answered.

Effects on specific mutations: asked and answered

Potential for front line use (especially in RS- MDS), asked and answered

Comparison with population similar to Luspatercept patients (RS+) including duration of drug effect: asked and answered

Effect on QT interval: asked and answered

Effect on symptom control/QOL: asked and answered

Definitive side effect profile: asked and answered

Assessment of burden relief on the health care system asked and answered

European/British Commonwealth approval/partnership/ strategy asked and answered

Effect on progression to AML: asked and answered

Number of blood transfusions that can be saved world wide: asked and answered

There are other questions some of which may require waiting for bottom line data less than a year after top line

Outlook for the results of the MF study: asked

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