The rest of the story and my translation

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The rest of the story and my translation

Post by biopearl123 » Sat Mar 18, 2023 9:29 pm

When I was a kid, Paul Harvey had a newsy radio broadcast part of which was entitled “the rest of the story”. I thought it would be interesting to try to parse a few of the things that were touched on in the last conference but not emphasized in our ongoing observations/discussions, some of which could be imaginary on my part:

1. John essentially said wait 15 months and the value of Geron will be substantially higher.
Translation: we will have MF PIII data and we know what it is because the study is open label. The statistical standard will be a comparison of OS of 14 months in the control—the treatment group has to live for a MOS of 23 to be positive. Oh, and Imetelstat will be approved and on the market for L/R MDS and we will have definitive proof for disease modification.

2. Faye said data will be published probably in several places and will include patient outcome data.
My take: where do you think very positive PIII data with TI’s that are unprecedented and never seen with any other med treatment in this disease might be published with a potential to change the approach to first line therapy in MDS and to change the “treatment landscape” in MF? (The positive MDS data informs the future results in MF and higher risk/AML patients.) Only one place and that is the NEJM, they love to publish important multi center, PIII data that are held to a high standard with proper randomized control groups, in other words, the gold standard of the way you are supposed to do a study that will presage FDA approval and entry into clinical use.

3. There is nothing on the market or in development that has the potential to improve MOS in either disease. (Yet).

4. They do have enough money and it doesn’t include the last tranche of warrants.

5. Faye gave the closing remarks, usually its John.

On a different note, can anyone clarify the status of the loans from Hercules/SVB? (70/30). Is the remainder of the loan still available from Hercules? Who does Geron pay it back to?

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