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A shared post:

Post by biopearl123 » Tue Feb 14, 2023 9:58 pm

Many of you know I correspond with multiple folks privately, some of whom are actual patients and follow Geron closely. These people have been through a lot and have personal knowledge of the current state of the art One has given me permission to share his most recent concerns.

“ Just wanted to share with you that HI 's concerns and questions in Imetelchat are excellent. The system doesn't allow me to post there anymore so I decided to share my thoughts with you. I would add the list one more question. What is the purpose of the MDS extension study ? What is the logic of spreading limited resources to a study which has not been preplanned while planned studies which are highly anticipated are delayed without explanation.
If the goal of MDS extension study is to determine whether the disease modification is actual, then why not utilize the existing BM data for this purpose.
The cynic in me suggests they invented MDS extension study to buy time without having to release not so good BM data.
In my biotech investing experience NDA is not going to appreciate the share price all that much, IMO. We'd be lucky if it reaches 4$ after announcement. The elephant if the room is the disease modification variable. This is the only factor that is depressing the stock price right now. If BM data is released today with stellar results we would be trading 5$ + easy.”

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