Parsing Geron's recent press release

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Parsing Geron's recent press release

Post by biopearl123 » Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:04 pm

Note this statement re Dr. Mascarenhas presentation:" This oral presentation reported significant dose-dependent reduction of mutation burden by imetelstat, including complete elimination of mutations in MF driver and non-driver genes. A greater than 20% reduction in variant allele frequency by imetelstat treatment correlated with improved clinical benefits, including higher rates of spleen and symptom responses, bone marrow fibrosis improvement and longer overall survival (OS). As concluded in the presentation, imetelstat demonstrated disease-modifying activity by targeting malignant clones, improvement in bone marrow fibrosis and OS."

Ok so in the interest of precision, does this mean "completely eliminating" , "eliminating some but not all" (It doesn't say that). Waiting for the presentations to be posted on the Geron site. I think it is easy to over interpret this word choice. Unfortunately I would read something like that as "they all go away" and we know that is not the case or we would have a cure.

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