CD 47 continued again

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CD 47 continued again

Post by biopearl123 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:46 pm

As we continue to assess the potential competition for Imetelstat, the back drop of recent high volume in the market can not be ignored. Friday when the final tally was complete, it was a 35 M volume day, about 10 times the usual daily volume. We have seen recent acquisition activity and large expenditures by companies such as Gilead, including the for the Forty Seven company and the impressive early data regarding high risk MDS and AML patients. What we know so far is that single agent activity, such as seen with Imetelstat is a rare commodity and this is probably why Dr. Scarlett has avoided combo studies to date since it is likely based on what we know from pre clinical data that synergy is likely and the value of Imetelstat will be greater in combination once it's ascendency as a single agents established. It takes at least two keys to open your safe deposit box and a single agent for effective treatment in hematologic malignancies a rare commodity indeed. CD 47 is not expressed in a number of important malignancies as noted in recent posts including MF and even with the recent addition of lower risk patients to the MDS Gilead study, it seems that this group might have 15 % expression and be less likely to respond. Higher risk and AML patients on the other hand have a high expression of CD 47 and clearly have responded to combo therapy with azacitidine. So to Ashah's speculation re Gilead. We know Imetelstat has single agent activity in AML in pre clinical studies as well as "data on file" that has not been emphasized by the company. I am guessing this includes the Teferri data. One can only guess what combined magrolimab and Imetelstat would look like. Has it ever been tried in the lab? My guess is there exist plenty of "skunk works" projects involving Imetelstat plus some other drug. When Dr. Scarlett talks about discussions and presentations to large Pharma, it seems likely that Geron allows "secret" assessments of certain drug combos to be evaluated by these companies to ascertain interest. Perhaps facilitated by the CRO. Pure speculation on my part. It is interesting to me that early on, we had Dr. T, now MIA, then the rise and disappearance of Dr. Lane in AML (is he kept in a "black ops" lab site or is Geron waiting to unleash new AML data via his lab?) His initial worked seemed too important to just be side lined so I have to conclude that combination therapy continues quietly in various labs. Since Geron as near as I can tell has not reestablished their own labs, and we know assessment of Imetelstat continues in more independent academic settings (e.g.esophageal CA and radiation, high risk MDS/AML, maybe neuroblastoma all speculation at this point) it is likely that combination therapy has been assessed and might play into the valuation of Geron along with the already emphasized single agent activity. In summary, as least regarding magrolimab, there in theory appears to be little utility in MF and low risk MDS if expression of CD 47 correlates to magrolimab efficacy. In higher risk patients perhaps Ashah's speculation warrant close consideration. Regards, bp

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Re: CD 47 continued again

Post by rccola335 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:47 am

strange volume on Friday - FYI the EMA CHMP met last week - Sept 13-17 - did something leak from this meeting?

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Re: CD 47 continued again

Post by cheng_ho » Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:53 pm

There was nothing "strange" about the volume on Friday, it was index rebalancing plus a little option expiration.

You've seen this a dozen times before, just look it up.

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