Forty Seven

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Forty Seven

Post by biopearl123 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:42 am

Gilead's recently acquired Forty Seven Pharma magrolimab received Breakthrough Designation (in combination with Azacytidine) from the FDA today based on 1b data. Indication is intermediate, high risk and very high risk MDS. While not quite the same population as low and int risk targeted by Geron, there is an ongoing PIII study worth watching. When I asked Dr. Scarlett about potential competition for Imetelstat, Dr. Rizo took the question and discussed Constellation Pharma but no mention of CD 47 related drugs as I recall. I will look up the written response I received. That was a short 4 months ago. The "unmet needs, no new drugs for 14 years" language we are all familiar with was part of the press release announcing the FDA designation. Just like we have been hearing for Imetelstat. It would be very nice to get some clarification from Geron about whether magrolimab/combo will eclipse Imetelstat. The patients targeted are previously untreated, newly diagnosed patients and not failures of other treatments.In other words just about all patients except lower risk which currently is being addressed by Lus to some degree. I suspect this is the real reason the AML, high risk MDS study was shelved. We are not even at the 50% enrollment level which will trigger a PR when it happens. Gilead has been on a remarkable spending spree lately (about 25 B, not sure what they are thinking with a looming election). Dr. Scarlett has presented to many companies according to the last shareholders meeting. We have no takers and recent dilution at a low stock price. I wonder why. bp

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Re: Forty Seven

Post by cheng_ho » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:55 pm

Yes, this is an important result. I posted about FortySeven last year, now they have GILD backing too.

While they aren't starting out aiming at low risk MDS, this could limit Geron's expansion into AML... although it's always possible that the most effective genetic targets are different, or even that there could be synergy. 41% CR is good compared to other treatments, but could certainly be better.

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